#1. What does an international student placement agency do?

We provide international student placement services for American colleges, universities and boarding schools as well as increase diversityprovide enrollment opportunities, and improve scholastic performance for our partner institutions.

#2. How does McGovern Education Group help international students?

The American boarding school and American university application process, including F-1 visa documentation, is a complex undertaking for most international families interested in sending their son or daughter to a US educational institution.

In short, we help make that process simple.

#3. Which US boarding schools and US colleges and universities do you represent?

McGovern Education Group is an international student placement provider headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We carefully select safe, affordable, and well-respected partner institutions, which include hundreds of American colleges, universities, and boarding schools.

#4. Do you charge a fee to international students or their families for placements services?

We are NACAC compliant, so you should feel confident that the recruiting and admissions process will be handled with the upmost professionalism as we want international students to have the most ideal educational experience imaginable in the United States.

#5. What placement services do you provide for international students?

McGovern Education Group provides international students access to our experienced American college guidance counselors, which includes:

FREE email, phone, and video chat support

FREE unlimited school or university application support

FREE unlimited guidance counseling

FREE visa interview training

FREE fast track applications

#6. Do you provide scholarships or financial assistance?

McGovern Education Group can help qualified international students apply for academic scholarship support; however, the process and availability of funds varies from institution to institution.

#7. How is McGovern Education Group different from other placement providers?

We were founded by former American high school teachers and guidance counselors. Unlike overseas agencies, we know the American educational system because we live here and were educated here. In fact, each semester we place more than 250 international students into our partner institutions.

#8. Are you familiar with the SACM program?

Yes. Most of our colleges and universities are SACM approved. We have placed KSA students in higher education institutions throughout the USA, although the SACM program is changing rapidly.

#9. How much do you charge US boarding schools or universities to work with your agency?

In most instances, we charge our partner institutions a standard flat rate fee per qualified international student placed at the educational institution.

If we do not place international students at your institution, you pay nothing.

#10. Why should an institution consider partnering with McGovern Education Group?

A better question might be: Why are paying to fly your limited admissions staff around the world to a crowded college fair when a qualified international agent can bring fully-vetted international applicants to your door step?

If you are interested in creating a vibrant, diverse international student population, contact McGovern Education Group at info@mcgoverneducation.com.