TEN LIES International Students Believe about Attending American Universities

Lie #1. I should only apply to Top 50 ranked US universities.

There are more than 4,000 universities in the United States and no one, including a magazine ranking system, can accurately determine which is the best school for you. Unless your academic profile is in the 95th percentile, your Top 50 university application will likely be denied. We recommend you find a international student placement agency in the United States that can help you discover great-fit American universities for your academic profile. 

Lie #2. I should only apply to the universities with low tuition fees.

Many “affordable” universities with low acceptance requirements are not regionally accredited, which means you will likley have a disappointing educational experience. Examine the curriculum guide on each university’s website to see if the degree program offered is a good match for you. Create a list of questions and schedule a video conference call with the international admissions department. Again, a knowledgeable international student placement agency can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration. 

Lie #3. I need to apply to at least ten universities.

In the end, you can only attend one university. If you are unable to determine the unique differences between ten universities then either your academic advisor is a fool or you have not taken enough time to research each university. And with each acceptance, you take a seat from a student who genuinely wishes to attend that particular university.

Lie #4. I should listen to the advice of a local agent/uncle/friend. 

If you were lost in an American city, would you call your uncle for directions or would you ask a local resident for help? An American placement counselor knows more about each university he or she represents (and the surrounding city) than your well-intentioned uncle ever will. Beware of the local agent who recommends the same handful of US universities to all his clients; these universities are likely unaccredited institutions with low academic standards and bad reputations. 

Lie #5. International student placement agencies are expensive. 

A good education agent serves as a kind of trusted advisor who can help you choose from the 4,000+ US universities, avoid application mistakes, receive application fee waivers and visa interview training, and significantly improve your chances of getting into your dream school in the United States.

Lie #6. My university application essay doesn’t matter.

Your essay is your opportunity to write directly to the admissions committee, who will determine if you will be accepted or denied. If your statement of purpose essay contains errors or is plagiarized or is too vague, then you will likely be denied.

Lie #7It is acceptable to transfer to another university upon arrival.

If you arrive in the US on a visa provided by one university with the intention of immediately transferring to another university, you are committing fraud. In addition, your unethical actions will make it harder for the next international student to get into that same university. 

Lie #8. Universities are better than colleges.

There is no significant difference between a college and a university in the United States. For example, Dartmouth College and Harvard University are both highly selective and are both Ivy League schools.

Lie #9. I can get a free university education in the United States.

Most US colleges and universities do offer international scholarships for well-qualified applicants; however, we are unaware of any US university offering a fully funded (free) education to international students. 

Lie #10. I can easily get accepted to a US medical school or law school.

Applying for either medical school or law school is not advised. Both applications are extremely unlikely to be approved. A law degree makes a student an expert in US law and is therefore not applicable to international students returning home. Most public institutions will not accept international students for medical school because of funding restraints and transcript credit issues.

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