• 10 Lies International Students Believe About Studying in the US

    Lie #1. I should only apply to Top 50 ranked US universities. Study in USA? There are more than 4,000 universities in the United States and no one, including a magazine ranking system, can accurately determine which is the best school for you. Unless your academic profile is in the 95th percentile, your Top 50 university... Keep reading

  • 8 Most Common Question From [Students in India] About Studying Abroad

    #1. Do I need an IELTS or TOEFL exam score to be accepted to a US university? Yes. If you want direct admission to a US university for a bachelor’s or master’s degree then you will be required to submit an IELTS or TOEFL exam score. In general, international students should attempt to earn at least an IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL... Keep reading

  • 10 Reasons to Hire a Certified American Education Consultant

    #1. What does a certified education consultant do for international students?
    Want to study in the USA? A certified agent is an expert on the admissions process at US universities and provides international students with step-by-step information about earning acceptances to safe, affordable, and respected US... Keep reading

  • 10 Ways Your University is Sabotaging International Student Recruitment

    For the sake of discussion, let’s take off the table all fully-funded international students (the usual suspects, if you will) and let’s focus on international student applicants from developing countries that all universities seem to want but can’t quite seem to attract.

    #1 The Online Application Fee There is... Keep reading

  • 10 Things I Learned from My Teaching Profession

    When I first began my teaching profession, I taught eighth-grade English at a small private school on the East Coast. I started each class with a speed-journal question in which students were asked to respond in writing to a question posed on the whiteboard before a set amount of time had expired.

    Here’s a speed-journal question... Keep reading

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