#1. How does an experienced American counselor improve your college admissions success?

Want college admissions in the USA? A experienced college counselor is an expert on the admissions process at US universities and provides international students with step-by-step information about earning college admissions to safe, affordable, and respected US institutions that meet the student’s academic and career goals, including assistance with scholarships, OPT, CPT, graduate assistantships, visa interview training, and even airport pickup upon arrival in the USA.

#2. How does McGovern Education Group improve visa approvals? 

While most international students can complete the DS-160 application, the visa interview itself can be stressful, confusing, and requires students to understand American connotations. If the student is not well-trained by an experienced American college counselor, international students often receive a 214b denial, which requires even more training to overcome. Also, the questions asked in a visa interview vary from country to country, so it’s important to be trained by an experienced American college counselor with an expertise in your country.

#3. Which USA colleges and universities do you represent?

Unlike a local agent, McGovern Education Group is a team of experienced American counselors in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA who provide one-on-one training with international students in 16 countries. We carefully select safe, affordable, and well-respected partner institutions, which include USNews nationally ranked universities. We have a high rate of visa approvals for private and public universities because we understand the F-1 visa approval process.

#4. Can I study in the USA without an IELTS exam score?

If you have low English language skills, a pathway program or English Language School might be a good choice for you. However, you will be required to submit an IELTS or TOEFL score for direct admission to a respected US university as well as a GRE 300+ exam score report for most graduate degree programs. In some countries, like India, students experience lower visa approval rates when applying to pathway or ESL programs. While there is no such thing as a university black list or white list, students should be well trained before applying for the DS-160 visa interview.

#5. How much does it cost to attend a US university?

It depends. There are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the USA and each offers degree programs at differing tuition fees depending on ranking, popularity, location, and other factors. In general, tuition for a bachelor’s degree program in the USA runs $15,000 USD to $35,000 USD per year, while a master’s degree program is generally around $20,000 USD per year.

#6. Do you provide scholarships or financial assistance?

McGovern Education Group can help qualified international students apply for an academic scholarship or graduate assistantship; however, the process and availability of funds varies from institution to institution. In general, international students with an IELTS score above 6.5 and a GRE score above 300 or GMAT score above 600 are the most competitive for scholarships and assistantships; however, students must still pay for housing, food, health insurance, books, and spending money.

#7. Which documents do I need to apply to a USA university?

For a bachelor’s degree, international students will need to submit a university application, IELTS or TOEFL exam score report, certified bank statement, 2-3 letters of recommendation from former teachers or professors, a statement of purpose essay, a copy of a valid passport, evaluated transcript from high school or university, a certificate of graduation, and a GRE exam or GMAT exam score, if applying for a master’s degree. Some universities will require the student’s transcript (course grades) to be evaluated by NACES approved transcript evaluation service if the official transcript is not in English.

#8. Are you familiar with the SACM program?

Yes. Most of our colleges and universities are SACM approved. We have placed KSA students in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs throughout the USA. We do not place international students for doctorate, dental, veterinarian, or law degrees.

#9. Do you help international students transfer to another USA university?

Yes. The transfer process is similar to the standard application procedures; however, your GPA may be a factor in your choices of USA universities. We do not assist students who wish to transfer upon arrival.

#10. Can I apply for a master’s degree in the USA with a three-year bachelor’s degree?

NACES approved transcript evaluation services do not recognize an international three-year degree as equivalent to a USA four-year bachelor’s degree. We do have USA universities that offer one-year degree completion programs, which generally costs $25,000 USD, including housing and food.

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