McGovern Education Group

In the summer of 2014, McGovern Education Group was founded by a former college prep school administrator in a commercial warehouse in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.

In its first year, a small team of dedicated college counselors recruited 31 international students for a handful of US boarding schools. In the years that followed, McGovern Education Group expanded its portfolio of US boarding schools and eventually signed partnership agreements with more than 200 US colleges and universities.

In 2017, McGovern Education Group became the highest performing international student recruitment provider in the State of Oklahoma processing more than 800 international applications for the academic year.

In addition to a team of 8 experienced placement counselors who work with international students from 16 countries, McGovern Education Group opened recruitment offices in India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan as well as trained partner counselors in international testing centers and international high schools in India and Mongolia.

McGovern Education Group is currently brokering 2+2 and 3+2 partnership agreements between four prominent universities in the US, Japan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

McGovern Education Group is a USATC and PIER certified education agency and remains proudly headquartered in Oklahoma City.

Our ICEF certified agency number is 3889.